Eagle Ridge FAQ

What is the Architectural Character in Eagle Ridge?
Mountain Village with a commitment to alpine and mountain rustic design style.

What is the minimum square footage requirement for a residence?
A single-story home is 2,400 square feet minimum and a two-story home is 2,000 square feet for the main level. Attached garage cannot exceed the sq. footage of the main floor.

May you use your own builder in Eagle Ridge?
Yes, however each licensed general contractor will need to complete an application form and be approved through the ACC.

What is the Architectural Control Committee Review Fee?
The $5,000 fee covers the cost for the ACC and architect(s) to review house plans, landscape design and finishes to ensure the community design integrity is cohesive.  Upon satisfactory completion of construction and landscaping, $2,500 will be refundable.

Are there any other building fees?
Yes, builders are required to submit a Construction Deposit. The cost is $2,500 and is refundable if construction cleanup is timely and all rules are followed during the construction process. This fee will be refundable upon completion of landscaping.

Is there a time frame to build once the lot is purchased?
There is no time frame to start construction on a new home at this time.

How much time is allowed to complete my home once it is started?
All homes are required to be completed within one year of commencement of construction.

How much time before I need to finish landscaping?
Once the Certificate of Occupancy is issued, landscaping needs to be completed within one year. Upon satisfactory completion of landscaping, $1,500 of the original fee will be refundable.

Are timber trusses required?
Yes, on all exterior building covers such as covered entries, covered porches, and covered decks. Timber trusses maintain the overall aesthetic of the community and help differentiate it as a mountain destination. All exposed trusses shall be constructed of rough lumber.  Prefabricated trusses are not allowed to be viewed from the exterior from any view.

Do I need stone on the exterior or my home?
Yes, 35% stone is required on each elevation.

Is LP Smartside allowed on the exterior of my home?
Yes. You may use wood or wood engineered products for siding once approved by the ACC. No cement board siding or cladding is allowed such as CertianTeed® or Hardie Board®.  No stucco on walls is allowed.

What utilities are stubbed to the lot?
Water, sewer, secondary water, gas, power (every other lot), and phone are all stubbed to the lot. There is a land drain stubbed into the lot for footings about 10-14 feet down and the storm drain is at the curb.

Are RV’s allowed to be stored outside?
RV’s, boats, trailers, and campers are not allowed to be stored outside. They will need to be stored in a garage or offsite.

Can the garage doors face the road?
No, garage doors may not face the road unless located in a cul-de-sac or corner lot. If a third car garage is perpendicular to the main garage it must include a landscape buffer and be approved by the ACC.

What are the allowed garage door heights?
The maximum garage door height is 12 feet with a 2 feet variance between doors.

Are there any restrictions on backyard amenities?
Swimming pools, pickleball courts, and small garden sheds are allowed with approval by the ACC.

Are fences allowed?
Yes, with approval by the ACC.  However, vinyl fencing is not allowed.

Are vacation rentals allowed?
No short-term rentals are allowed and are specifically excluded per the CC&Rs. Even if the county makes changes in the future to zoning, they will still not be allowed.

What are the HOA fees and what is included?
Presently the HOA does not collect any fees and is under Declarant control. This will change in the future but includes entry monuments, split rail fencing, open spaces and landscaping.

Are chickens allowed?

This is not a substitute for the design guidelines that you must read, understand, and comply with the current design guidelines. This must be done prior to submitting any plans for review. In the event there is a discrepancy between the FAQ and Design Guidelines or CC&Rs the Design Guidelines and CC&Rs shall rule.